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Aukaha May22 142 Min (9)

Employment Workstreams

General Manager of Mana Takata Chris Rosenbrock says that the Employment workstream is making a real difference for Māori and Pasifika across Otago.

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Alt Awarua Michael Stevens 2

Dunedin City Cultural Narrative

Dr Michael Stevens is a Ngāi Tahu historian currently working for Aukaha on the development of a Ngāi Tahu cultural narrative for Dunedin city. He is one of several people contributing to...

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Te Ohu Aukaha

Te Ohu Aukaha

Last year Aukaha signed a contract with MSD for a Managed Apprenticeship Trust Plan in Otago. The plan is part of the wider philosophy of Aukaha and our partners to...

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Cultural Narrative Image

Ngāi Tahu Cultural Narratives in Schools

The Ministry for Education is encouraging schools to more consistently recognise the history and ongoing presence of mana whenua. A key way of doing this is through the development of cultural...

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Mahika kai

Mahika kai is an intrinsic part of Kāi Tahu identity, and is one of the key values that Aukaha works to protect.Mahika kai is the gathering of foods and other...

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Another mahika kai species particularly valued in the south is kanakana or lamprey. Kanakana are an unusual and ancient fish – they look a bit like eels, are boneless (instead...

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One of the more mysterious mahika kai species is kākahi. These are our native freshwater mussels that live in rivers and lakes. Unlike marine mussels, they move around with a...

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Nicola Morand

Meet Nicola Morand

Meet Nicola Morand, Manager Cultural and Economic Development for Aukaha. Nicola has been with Aukaha since mid 2018 and has worked for her iwi for many years in several roles. The...

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