Te Ahi-o-Hakitekura


Te Ahi-o-Hakitekura

Te Ahi-o-Hakitekura (Refuge Point) is a small point on the southern shore of Whakatipu Waimāori. Hakitekura, a Kāti Māmoe woman, was the first person to swim across the lake. After watching other young women attempting to outswim each other, she decided that she wanted to outdo them. She got a kauati (stick used to start fire) from her father, and a bundle of dry raupō for kindling. The next morning, Hakitekura set out from Tāhuna. With the kauati and raupō bound tightly in harakeke (flax) to keep them dry, she swam across the lake in darkness, with the bundle strapped to her. When Hakitekura landed on the other side of the lake she lit a fire that blackened the rocks. This place became known as Te Ahi-a-Hakitekura, meaning “The Fire of Hakitekura”.

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