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Narratives & Urban Design

Aukaha has qualified and experienced language specialists, available locally, to undertake translations to and from Te Reo Māori, as well as to write original text. Our translations can be provided in Māori orthographic convention or Kāi Tahu dialect.

All translations are peer reviewed to maintain our high-quality standards.

We can assist with a wide range of translations including academic and historical text, government and organisational requirements, including signage and material for publishing.

As mandated representatives of mana whenua, Aukaha are available to facilitate the consultation process for the naming of buildings and landmarks accurately and appropriately.

Whakapā mai - contact us for a quote.

Cultural Narratives, Art & Design Integration

Aukaha works with Kāi Tahu researchers, writers, artists and designers who are able to respond to requests for cultural narratives and expressing those narratives through both the design process and built form. Requests are frequently sought by councils, schools, architects and other sectors to inform decisions on design and planning, educational resources and art projects among other things. Aukaha has the expertise to work closely with stakeholders and clients to ensure Mātauraka Kāi Tahu is appropriately and authentically woven throughout projects and the fabric of the takiwā.