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Resource Management Services

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Aukaha works on behalf of Kāi Tahu as the Treaty Partner, engaging with central and local government to support rūnaka aspirations in the natural, rural and urban environments. Councils have a statutory responsibility to engage with Kāi Tahu on the development of plans, strategies and policies under a number of pieces of legislation. Aukaha provides best practice planning advice to rūnaka to support this engagement.

Resource Consents

The type of resource consents where consultation with Kāi Tahu is required or encouraged by Councils include (without limitation):

  • Applications for water takes and the relocation of water takes.
  • Proposals that impact on coastal resources and landscapes.
  • Proposals that impact on freshwater, including freshwater mahika Kāi species.
  • Proposals that impact on landscapes that are of significance to mana whenua.
  • Proposals that impact on wāhi tūpuna/cultural landscapes.

Aukaha Recommendations

Aukaha recommends that it is best practice for applicants to undertake consultation with Kāi Tahu as mana whenua when developing proposals that are within an area of interest to Kāi Tahu, or where the work involves resources of particular interest to Kāi Tahu.

Where councils have identified that mana whenua may be affected by a proposal, applicants should consult at the earliest possible stage in the development of their proposals to ensure that any concerns can be identified and addressed.

The aspiration of Kāi Tahu is to assume their kāitiaki role as mana whenua ki Otago to its fullest, as protected and guaranteed by Article II of the Treaty of Waitangi. Aukaha supports this aspiration through engagement via statutory processes under the Resource Management Act 1991 and through direct engagement with our clients.

Our work is guided by the Kāi Tahu ki Otago Natural Resource Management Plan 2005. The kaupapa of the Plan is ‘Ki Uta ki Tai’ (Mountains to the Sea), which reflects the holistic Aukaha philosophy of resource management. The Plan expresses Kāi Tahu values, knowledge and perspectives on natural resource and environmental management issues.

Do resource consent applicants need to consult Kāi Tahu?

The written approval of affected parties is required for non-notified resource consent applications. Where a resource consent application is notified, consultation with affected parties including mana whenua is recommended.

Aukaha consults the kaitiakirūnaka on behalf of applicants where written approval is required as part of a resource consent application.

The Kāi Tahu ki Otago Natural Resource Management Plan 2005 describes in detail Kāi Tahu values, knowledge and perspectives on natural resource and environmental management issues.

This document is available here, from public libraries and in council offices throughout Otago. It should be referred to where applicable in your application.

If you are unsure about whether you need consent from Rūnaka we recommend you contact us for discussions.

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